In recent times, consumers are becoming increasingly interested in what they eat due to health implications and other important factors. As a result, confectioneries and local goods stores are compelled to source their goods and inventory from reliable sources that meet healthy standards. Boomfoods, is a well structured and organized food store, with an extensive range of fresh meat products, groceries, condiments and other foodstuff.

Leveraging digital technology, we offer customers easy access to quality food produce and convenience through our farm-to-home delivery service. At Boomfoods, we cater for family consumptions, eateries, schools, local stores, large parties and events in Owerri, Imo state and beyond. We pride ourselves as the best kept secret of hoteliers, restaurants, grand chefs, supermarkets which is now available to every one.

Boomfoods is made up of healthy and medically fit personnel, ranging from the Manager, farmers, butchers, packaging and sealing staff and courier officers. We offer home delivery services within Owerri and beyond. We are focused at getting you the freshest, high-quality meats and  foodstuffs at the best bargains possible. We make sure everything comes fresh.

Our team’s commitment goes all the way out to provide high value for your money whilst adhering to raw food safety standard. We are passionate about busy people and are equipped to achieve excellent customer satisfaction every time.


1) Integrity and Honesty: we continuously strive to earn and retain the trust of our customers.

2) Quality Products: we ensure we get the best picks every time, all the time delivery.

3) Customer Service Excellence: We are dedicated to satisfying customer needs and honoring commitments that we have made to them.

4) Teamwork: We communicate openly and work as a unified team to attain common goals.

5) Best People: By attracting, employing and developing the best people in the industry, we use our technical and digital expertise to satisfy our customers’ needs.

6) Continuous Improvement and Innovation – We continuously improve our performance, our products and our service.


1) Procure quality livestock;

2) Process and pack high quality meat and other agricultural produce;

3) Market meat, meat products and food stuffs;

4) Market food products

5) Maintain sound financial systems for commercial viability

6) Research and development of new products

7) Easy and convenient access, to food and meat products through our farm-to-home delivery services

Our Vision

To stand out as the single largest  quality  food processor and distribution brand in Nigeria.

Our Mission

To procure, process and market high quality food produce  at competitive prices using efficient, effective and environmentally friendly systems to the satisfaction of customers and other stakeholders.