Frequently Asked Questions

How do I shop on the website?
To place your order(s), kindly access the cart from our website. Once you have seen the items you like, click on it to be sure then add to cart, and as many items over and over. Click on checkout on the Boomfoods Cart then click on Complete my Shopping and login as an existing member or register as a new member. After you have reviewed your order click on place your order button to submit order.

How do I Search for a product?
All Categories are listed on the shop tab. Click “See more” button beside each category to view more products. All categories are also listed on bottom footer and slide above the shop tab. Simply click your order of choice or use our search field at the header of the website

How much do you charge?
Depending on your total shopping cost, refer to our charges range.

How do I pay?
Internet Banking Direct Transfer: Simply do a transfer to our bank account, quoting the Order ID of your purchase. This option does not attract any additional charge

Debit/ATM Card: Debit MasterCard, VISA and Verve cards are accepted. You will automatically be redirected to Paystack  secure and efficient payment collection platform from your order confirmation E-mail, after completing your order.

Why place my order at least a day before?
Since we do not stock, we go to the market very early in the morning to ensure we get the best and freshest picks.

When is my order delivered?
When you place your order today, we buy, prep and deliver to you the next day or on a day you have stipulated . Note that we do not deliver on Sundays

Can’t I place an order in the morning and receive it the same day?
If your order is placed before 8am and contains basic items, then we may be able to process and prep for delivery the same day. However you will still need to follow up with a call to our customer care to confirm the possibility and the delivery time.

What are your delivery times?
We deliver between 1pm – 7pm Monday – Saturday. Note that we do not deliver on Sundays.

How is your product pricing based?
No price for any item is fixed. Pricing is determined by market forces. The price of a product may vary from week to week. However, be assured that we strive to get you the cheapest price possible.

Why payment before delivery?
We require your financial commitment to go to the market for you. We are errand runners. We endeavor to exceed your expectations in price, quality and presentation

Why do I need to appoint a proxy to accept my delivery?
Considering how sensitive and perishable most raw food items are, we recommend you appoint at least one proxy to receive your purchase incase you are unavailable. If no one is available to accept and sign for your delivery, a note will be left by our dispatcher asking you to contact our customer care department as soon as possible to arrange an alternative delivery time. You will be recharged for this subsequent delivery. If you do not arrange an alternate delivery time, we will have no choice but to cancel your order and for you to forfeit your purchase.

How will my foodstuff be packaged and delivered?
Your items will be neatly packed in bags. Items requiring freezing/chilling will be frozen or chilled prior to departure during which they will packed with dry ice until delivered. Dry items will be vacuum packed if necessary, tubers will brushed off and held together, etc. depending on how many items you have on your list, most items will be systematically packed in a box.

What if am not satisfied with the quality of my purchase?
Should you find something unsatisfactory with your purchase, promptly inform the dispatcher and follow up with a call to our customer care hotline. For documentation and reference kindly fill the complaints form on the contact us page. Response to customer complaint is top priority to us. We make every effort to ensure that the foodstuffs we buy for you are of top quality and get to you in good condition. Any problems not raised within 2 hours of delivery cannot be rectified as freshness cannot be guaranteed. Once delivered and confirmed we bear no further bear further liability for your purchase.

 What if I get what I didn’t order?
In the unlikely event of the wrong box being delivered by mistake, we will retrieve it and deliver the correct box as soon as possible without compromising on freshness and quality and at no extra cost to you.

What if you can’t get exactly what I want?
Receiving your order at least a day before helps us source all your items more efficiently. However, In the event that we do not find exactly what you want, we will contact you by phone or sms to agree on a substitute, and where the item cannot be substituted we will refund the cost of that item to you by an agreed means.

What do you mean by “prepping” my purchase?
Prepping your purchase simply means at your request we can wash, sort, blend, mince, slice, cut, gut, etc

How am I certain am getting the correct quantity and measure of a product e.g. meat? Garri? Beans, Pepper, Onions, etc
As a standard we always insist that our suppliers add a little extra or “jara” where possible. So expect that you will get a little more than what you are paying for which will also cover for any measuring errors.

Do you make delivery outside Imo State?
Operations in other locations outside Imo will commence soon.

What are your days and hours of operation?
Our Customer care lines opens  7:00am to 6pm Mondays to Fridays, and from 8am to 4pm on Saturdays.

How do we contact you?
For all enquiries, please call our customer carelines on; 09020020121, and 08034054665

Or send us an email at [email protected]